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The partnership is made up of 6 partner schools (Romania, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Greece and the Czech Republic), some of them have developed in the past successful collaborations in eTwinning. All of us have identified a need to develop and intensify in our students values concerning active citizenship,volunteerism,human rights and social and environmental responsibility. We decided to design various challenging activities on the above mentioned topics some of which will go beyond the school curriculum to improve our students’ knowledge and skills with the strong belief that our students will become competent active citizens, nature-lovers, more conscious and sensitive people in their social life who will respect the differences and understand the importance of cooperation. The didactics to be used is not purely disciplinary but is mainly subject to the formation of the person and their needs, rights, responsibilities and obligations, centered on workshop techniques and very attractive and creative activities. During the two years of the project our students will acquire knowledge and skills which they will soon be able to apply to recognise issues concerning the community they live in and to participate actively in different actions so as to ensure better living conditions for everyone with the cooperation and sharing of all. Teachers from participating schools will exchange and empower good practices, share materials and resources in the process of training our students to become active citizens, to become tolerant and more understanding towards different groups of people by dealing with different topics.


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